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Welcome To Loafing Around Town

Loafing Around Town is a non-profit organization run and managed by students. We are dedicated to feeding the impoverished across various venues in South Florida. We transport and prepare donated food from various bakeries and restaurants and donate them to charitable organizations.


Loafing Around Town employs a board of directors to assist and manage everyday activities from transportation, to PR, to preparation. Here is a list:

How We Do It

Loafing Around Town actively seeks out local bakeries and restaurants to find those who are willing to donate their left-over food products to our organization. Once we have established a secure relationship we then regularly pick up and transport donations. They are stored and prepared, and are then transported to various local organizations.

This eliminates the need for charities to have to make trips or seek donations, the hard part is done by our loyal team members. We oversee every donation and transport to ensure quality and safety. We act as the middleman between restaurants and charity, and we're proud of what we do. If you have suggestions or support, please see the contact page.